As I teach, so do I learn.
I have been teaching music since 1983.
Most of my students have stayed with me for ten years, beginning their lessons when they are 7 or 8 years old and finishing them when they move on to university. When I look back on 3 generations of this I feel honoured and privileged. I feel that I have such an extraordinary career, to be immersed in the wondrous world of music, to learn as much as I teach, to continue to develop myself in every aspect directly through music and the experiences that come from it. 
As a singer I constantly expand my repertoire and the skills needed to present to the musicians I work with, the music I want to sing. I realized many years ago that no matter how many life times I could have as a student of music, I will never know it all, in fact I have barely scratched the surface. The pursuit of musical knowledge is a unique and personal experience. We are guided by our interests and our abilities and we retain information based on how we use it. It is as uniquely individual as we are. No two students are alike. Over the past 35 years I have learned and continue to learn, that my approach to each lesson is always customized to each student. 
I teach music because I know how it enriches our lives, in every way, on every level, personally and socially. I know how a deep connection with music can enhance our abilities to think, feel and express ourselves. There are countless studies to back this up now. Thirty years ago they were hard to find, now it’s becoming obvious to people all over the world that music is an essential part of human health. We live in a musical world, we are inherently musical beings, from the rhythm of our heart beat to the pitch and timbre of our voices, it makes sense that we explore this aspect of ourselves.