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To register or arrange an appointment call 416-882-0584 or email mandy@mandylaganmusic.com

Located near Dundurn St. and Charlton Ave in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Mandy’s program focuses on classical piano and developing a solid foundation in music theory, piano technique, reading and repertoire. Many of her students have completed Royal Conservatory Exams ranging from grade one to grade eight.

Every lesson includes time spent on keyboard technique combined with theoretical study and ear training. A program of pieces is carefully designed to challenge each student while meeting their individual goals, specific to examination requirements or unique interests of each student.  Over the course of the year the lessons may include focused work on duet playing, reading, composition, and interpretation.

Whether pursuing a formal education or musical goals of a more personal nature, Mandy’s main objective is to instil in her students a love and respect for music as an art form as well as independence at the piano.

“I hope that my students gain a fundamental knowledge of music, a respect and appreciation for music as an art form and the ability to lose themselves from time to time within the magical world that music creates.”

GROUP LESSONS (no longer available)

Six Students, Six Keyboards
A perfect way to engage young students in musical learning.

Classes are designed for  beginner students ages six to twelve, organized by age group.

This unique program is highly interactive and comprehensive. It brings children together for one hour every week and consistently develops readingrhythmtechnique and theoretical knowledge along with creativity and artistry.

The experience of learning to play the piano empowers the students with a deep, meaningful understanding of the language of  music, enabling them to freely explore themselves artistically within the world of music. Through games and musical activities the students experience a connection with the music as well as with each other that creates extraordinary and magical bonds.


  • Group Classes (no longer available)
  • Private Lessons at the Piano Lesson Studio

    Private Lessons in my home studio Prices

    30 minutes           $35.00
    45 minutes           $50.00
    60 minutes           $65.00

    Add-ons for young beginners
    15 minutes        $20

    * music lessons are HST-exempt.

  • Payment Options

    E-transfer is now the preferred method of payment.

    One Payment – for 30 lessons

    Submitted on or before September 1st

    Two Payments – for 15 lessons each

    e-transfers on or before September 1st, 2022 and on or before February 1st, 2023.

    Nine Payments – Equal Billing – 30 lessons

    e-transfers on or before the first of each month, Sept., 2023 – May, 2024.


  • Private Lessons


    Private students follow the school calendar: from the second week of September to the third week of June, with a 2-week break for the Holiday Season and 1 week for March Break. 4 remaining weeks allow flexibility for illness, bad weather or other unforeseen events. Expectation – 34 Lessons  

    A more flexible schedule is available for adult students.