We are happy to give you a tour of our new studio. Please contact us by phone (416) 406-0200 or email info@thepianolessonstudio.com and we will forward the details.

The PIANO LESSON STUDIO is very pleased to present GROUP CLASSES at the new location near Jane and Dundas in the west end of Toronto.

 Six students, six keyboards.

Classes are designed for  beginner students ages six to twelve, organized by age group.

This unique program is highly interactive and comprehensive. It brings children together for one hour every week and consistently develops reading, rhythm, technique and theoretical knowledge along with creativity and artistry.

The experience of learning to play the piano empowers the students with a deep, meaningful understanding of the language of  music, enabling them to freely explore themselves artistically within the world of music. Through games and musical activities the students experience a connection with the music as well as with each other that creates extraordinary and magical bonds.

I hope that my students gain a fundamental knowledge of music, a respect and appreciation for music as an art form and the ability to lose themselves from time to time within the magical world that music creates.

For information regarding fees, please visit Policies page